Getting my Feet Wet

I’ve felt the nudge to start a blog for a few years now, but I’ve had the same excuses running through my mind as to why I shouldn’t.  I’ll be opening myself up to criticism.  Who would want to read my stuff anyway?  If I’m vulnerable, what will others think of me? 

But these past three years it has become increasingly difficult for me to talk, as jaw pain is a constant visitor, only varying in severity.  At times I have only been able to communicate through texting, social media, writing on a white board, or typing on an iPad, which has been a hard challenge for this extrovert.  Because of this, I’ve realized a blog could be an outlet for me, and just maybe it could encourage someone else as well.

So I decided it’s time to get my feet wet and actually get started.  And I couldn’t think of a more appropriate picture than the one of me in the Pacific Ocean from a rare getaway my husband and I took last year.  We are from the Midwest, living in a city but with farmland nearby, nowhere close to an ocean!

That water was FREEZING cold, but there is something awe-inspiring about immersing bare feet into the ocean.  Feeling the rhythmic power of the waves and sand between your toes is a feeling like no other.  And seeing the vastness and beauty of the ocean is a great reminder that no matter how big my problems seem, the world is bigger.  And God is bigger still.

I need reminders like this picture, because when you live in chronic pain and/or have difficult medical issues, it can often feel like your world is small.  There is an ongoing sense of loss over what you used to be able to do and what you can realistically do now.  It’s easy to forget that you still can contribute to the world, even though it may look different than before.  My hope is that blogging is one way my world can open up again.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this first post with you.  I have some different ideas for this blog, and I look forward to having others like you join me on this new adventure.