Sleep, Fear, and Faith

It is rare for me to have an uneventful doctor’s visit. But recently I had an appointment that could be regarded as such. “Everything looks great,” my doctor said, examining my three surgical incisions he had made two weeks prior to this visit. “You’re healing up on schedule.” Minutes later I left his office toContinue reading “Sleep, Fear, and Faith”

Reflections on Turning 40

June is a special month in our family, because two out of the three of us have birthdays. And I love birthdays. I love cake, presents, the Happy Birthday song, blowing out candles, and the thoughtful and funny cards. I especially enjoy those paper noisemakers that magically unroll when you blow into them and thenContinue reading “Reflections on Turning 40”

Please Don’t Forget About Me

I have to cancel plans. Again. I don’t want to, but it’s more than I can manage today. My jaw pain is intense. It dislocated again last night, which is happening a lot these days. My condyles are so small and the fossa so incredibly shallow, the joint simply slips out of place. And thenContinue reading “Please Don’t Forget About Me”

All Suffering is Significant

Over the past few years, I have had others close to me minimize their own pain. We will be in a conversation, and they are sharing personal struggles. But then they shake their heads. “I know it’s nothing like you’ve been through,” they say apologetically. I genuinely dislike this, because I care deeply about thoseContinue reading “All Suffering is Significant”

Getting my Feet Wet

I’ve felt the nudge to start a blog for a few years now, but I’ve had the same excuses running through my mind as to why I shouldn’t.  I’ll be opening myself up to criticism.  Who would want to read my stuff anyway?  If I’m vulnerable, what will others think of me?  But these pastContinue reading “Getting my Feet Wet”