Welcome!  I’m glad you found me!  My name is Carrie Crabb.  I’m a Christian, wife, mom, and former reading specialist and 2nd grade teacher.  During my teaching years, I always had an ocean-themed classroom, because you might as well have fun with a last name like mine!

I live in the Kansas City area with chronic pain and unique medical issues that challenge doctors and my own sanity at times.  Diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 1 (Brittle Bone Disease), I have problems with the connective tissue throughout my body.   Most recently, I have been on a 3+ year journey of trying to treat my severe sleep apnea and subsequent TMJ issues and surgical complications.

I enjoy reading, writing, traveling when I can, composing piano music, and spicy chai lattes.  I also love the Great British Baking Show, although I am a terrible baker.  Come pull up a chair and join me for some heartfelt reflections on faith, family, and life with chronic pain.


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