Thank You, Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d take a little time to celebrate my mom. Will you join me?

Mom, thank you for serving me breakfast every single morning. This is not a tradition I have passed along to my own family. Instead, I taught my son how to pour his own cereal and make his own toast. And since my dear husband essentially lived on cereal before we were married, he does fine in the mornings. But you were always so sweet to lovingly prepare breakfast – egg casserole, toast, bacon, cereal – a constantly changing, delicious menu.

I was definitely spoiled when it came to your food!

You made it a point for our family to have meals together, and you were such a good cook. When I was in high school, you and Dad were kind enough to host special breakfasts just for my friends!

Snuggling up with Mom after a bath

Mom, thank you for fixing my beloved doll Lena (who Grandma had made for me) when my brother ripped off her head. I’m confident he didn’t actually mean to do it – we were fighting, as siblings do – and Lena was an unfortunate casualty. But with her cloth head apart from her body, I truly thought Lena was dead. I came screaming inside and laid her head beside her cloth body and started covering her up with Kleenex for a funeral. You reassured me that Lena would need to undergo surgery, but she will be able to be in one piece again. That night you worked your sewing magic and reattached her head!

Lena’s battle scars just proved she was tough, and they also showed my mom was a sewing superhero.

Me with Lena rocking our matching homemade outfits

Mom, thank you for fixing my clothes as well. Remember my first day of first grade? The hem of my floral dress (one that Grandma made) got caught on a screw at the top of the playground slide. As soon as I slid down, my hem tragically ripped the entire way. I was devastated! I made it through the rest of the day, thanks to safety pins, but you sewed it together again after I got home.

First day of 1st grade in my infamous dress with my twin brothers behind me –  their first day of seventh grade

Mom, thank you for helping me figure out how to be an entrepreneur with my brothers. I would buy candy in bulk, and you helped me figure out how much I could charge per piece so I could make a slight profit. Thanks to you (and one of my brothers having a ravenous sweet tooth) Carrie’s Candy Shoppe was a huge success. (And of course “Shoppe” had to be spelled the fancy way – this was a high class establishment, you know…)

Mom, thank you for encouraging me in my creative endeavors. Writing stories, playing my saxophone or piano, creating art projects, making family newspapers…you were supportive whatever I would do. You and Dad attended every piano recital, band concert, and event I was ever in. It meant a lot to have you in the audience, and you were always my biggest encouragers afterwards.

Practicing for a piano recital

Mom, thank you for somehow salvaging the brownies I tried to make without mixing in the eggs. In my mind I had somehow reasoned that eggs were mostly liquid, so they would be fine to set on top (they’d soak in eventually, right?). This genius idea was acted upon after the brownie mix had already gone into the oven. How in the world did you save those?!

Mom, me, and Grandma several years ago

Mom, thank you for bringing me crutches to church camp and letting me stay the week, even though my kneecap had dislocated. This was not the first time it had happened, so I knew how to care for it, but this was the farthest away from home I had been when it had occurred. You and Dad were brave to let me stay, and that made a lasting impression on me.

I learned you both were there when I needed you, but you were also able to let me be independent if I had the tools in place to succeed.

Mom, thank you for your fervent prayers that I would not have to eat sheep eyeballs the summer I traveled to Kazakhstan to work with college students and orphans. This was not on the forefront of my mind, but it was on yours. So you prayed and prayed. Our team was prepped to enjoy a traditional meal honoring the Kazakh culture, but the feast was unexpectedly cancelled! No eyeballs for me, because God heard my mother’s prayer!

Mom, thank you for instilling a love of flowers in me. I know Grandpa instilled that in you, and you passed that love onto your kids. Now each of us have flower gardens at our own houses, and we get to enjoy God’s beauty everyday.

2016-05-04 19.15.59
One of the irises transplanted from your garden

Mom, thank you for playing Double Solitaire with me. We wouldn’t play often, but each time we would play 2 out of 3 games to determine the “Grand Championship of the World.” Somehow we were the only two contenders for this ever-shifting title.

Mom, thank you for taking me to the hundreds of doctors’ and physical therapy appointments over the years.

I’m sure seeing me get injured so many times tugged on your heartstrings, but you always found practical ways to help and encourage me.

When I had to have my first surgery in eighth grade (on Halloween, no less!), you and Dad were there, just like you have been there for so many surgeries afterward. Even after I was married, I came home to live with you and Dad for a few weeks following two of my major knee surgeries, because my hubby was swamped with school and work responsibilities. You had the flexibility in your schedule to care for me, so you did. My leg brace was so cumbersome, and I was in such extreme pain I needed help with everything – from going to the bathroom to getting off the couch. You even got up with me in the middle of the night to give me a snack so I could take my pain meds!

Last year I broke my leg and sprained my wrists and couldn’t care for myself at home…again. Only weeks after Dad passed away, you took me in during daytime hours, and our son, who was in first grade at the time, at night.

This was a huge blessing to our family, and you did it all again with kindness and compassion.

2017-01-10 12.26.37-1
Mom and me out to lunch – I was in a wheelchair with a broken leg at the time. Mom made an effort to get me out.

Mom, thank you for welcoming friends as family and for making others feel loved in your presence. You have a gift of making people feel accepted around you, which is how so many felt around your mom. I see Grandma’s sense of humor and hospitality in you!

Thank you for being a loving, involved grandma and mom. You and Dad even moved to Kansas City after Dad retired so you could be closer to family, since all three of your kids and seven grandkids live here.

What a blessing to be able to have you nearby!

Mom helping with our son’s very first bath at home after a month in the NICU

Mom, thank you for modeling a faithful marriage. You and Dad were married 49 years! I am so grateful for the stability you provided.

You and Dad valued commitment and love, and you enjoyed life together. Thank you for this legacy.

2015-12-19 17.05.17
Dad and Mom in 2015

Mom, thank you for all the pep talks, hugs, prayers, and care you have selflessly given me (and my brothers, too)! Having been a mom myself for nearly nine years now, I have a different perspective on the sacrifices you and Dad made for us kids all through the years. All I can say is thank you!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you!

2016-05-17 18.17.14










  1. Oh my, what a beautiful tribute to a beautiful, loving, faithful mom!! You made me cry and literally laugh out loud. And the pictures!! The one with you and Lena in your matching outfits after the tragic accident is beyond precious. You are some writer, Carrie Crabb, and I’ll bet there were more than a few tears doing this. And I do hope you know that your mom passed that precious gift of how to be a loving mom on to you, sure, it’s looked a little different than you had dreamed but I see your heart in that amazing little man you are raising. And I just have to add that your mom has been such an encouragement to me and a good friend when I needed one, so loving and hospitable. 💕


  2. Oh, Carrie, you are so blessed by your loving and caring mother! Thank you for sharing so deeply and personally the reasons why you love and appreciate her. She is a wonder!
    Blessings, and Happy Mother’s Day to you!


  3. I am humbled and grateful to have such a sweet, loving daughter! I am richly blessed to have 3 great kids, their spouses, and 7 grandkids that I am so proud of– and all live within a few miles of me! My prayers continue daily for healing and pain relief for you, Carrie. Although you can’t do everything you want right now, you have an inner strength that comes from your faith. You are an example of someone trying to make the best of difficult, stressful circumstances and you are encouraging to so many. God is good and has plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11 is a verse that gives me encouragement. I love you dearly, Mom (Jean)


  4. Carrie,

    You’ve written such an amazing post honoring your sweet and amazing mom! The pictures you shared are precious.

    Sweet friend, keep up your writing (and other creative endeavors) by doing so you are blessing others.

    You are loved and being prayed for by so many (this includes my Sunday school class)!

    Carrie, you are making a difference on the lives of many!


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