Reflections on Turning 40

June is a special month in our family, because two out of the three of us have birthdays. And I love birthdays. I love cake, presents, the Happy Birthday song, blowing out candles, and the thoughtful and funny cards. I especially enjoy those paper noisemakers that magically unroll when you blow into them and then automatically roll back up. Inevitably spit will create a soggy … Continue reading Reflections on Turning 40

All Suffering is Significant

Over the past few years, I have had others close to me minimize their own pain. We will be in a conversation, and they are sharing personal struggles. But then they shake their heads. “I know it’s nothing like you’ve been through,” they say apologetically. I genuinely dislike this, because I care deeply about those in my life, and I desire to share life with … Continue reading All Suffering is Significant


Bravery has taken on many shapes and sizes during my life.  Sometimes it has been in dramatic ways, while other times it has been simply getting through the day. But each time it has meant momentum moving forward. Bravery often times begets bravery…if only we can remember those many times God has given us courage in the past. When I was 14, bravery was moving … Continue reading Brave